Moves App to Replace Fitness Wristbands and Gadgets, Following a Recent $1.6m Investment Round

24 January 2013

ProtoGeo Ltd today announces the launch of the Moves app, a new way to track physical activity by simply carrying your smartphone. The company has recently raised $ 1.6 million (≈ € 1.2 million) of seed funding, led by Lifeline Ventures and PROfounders Capital to make activity tracking easier than ever.

The Moves app tracks users’ physical activity by automatically recognizing movement such as walking, cycling, running and transportation. The free iPhone app tells users how much they move, shows routes on a map and provides a simple daily storyline of their life. This information can help people take control of their habits, encouraging small daily changes that can positively impact their overall physical health and well-being.

Moves iPhone app tracks daily physical activity like Fitbit or Nike+ Fuelband, but there is no need to charge, carry and buy yet another device. Compared to current fitness wristbands and gadgets, the free Moves app is much more convenient and affordable, by having the functionality within the mobile phone. Unlike traditional sports tracker apps, there is also no need to start and stop the app, which continually works in the background. This makes Moves a more discreet and accessible health tracking option for the everyday casual user.

Speaking on the announcement, Sampo Karjalainen, Designer CEO of ProtoGeo commented: “Moves is an example of how smartphones are becoming increasingly context-aware. Today, the mobile phone can constantly learn from its owner’s real-time situations and habits. This information can help build better, personalized, end-user apps such as the physical activity recognition in Moves. Physical inactivity and obesity are big problems. They have a major effect on society as a whole and on the health of individuals. As the app is so widely accessible, we are excited by what the technology can offer, and how the information provided by Moves can positively impact the lives of thousands, and hopefully millions, of users globally.”

Moves will be globally available on iPhone starting Thursday January 24, 2013, 9 AM PST

About ProtoGeo

Moves is developed and run by a company called ProtoGeo. We are a team of eight people distributed between Helsinki (FI), London (UK) and Pittsburgh (US). We want to make people more aware of how much they move, and hope to show how small changes to everyday activities and habits can positively contribute to the overall fitness and well-being of individuals.